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We're here to help you buy, sell or rent property privately in New Zealand. You'll save thousands in commission - give it a try. NoAgents is completely free .

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Why should I use NoAgents?

There are many reason to buy or sell property privately including reduced costs. We believe that not only real estate agents but also other private sale sites charge too much!


It is expensive to sell property in New Zealand.

Real estate agency commissions cost Kiwi's millions of dollars each year. Selling your home doesn't need to cost as much as a brand new car. It's FREE to list on NoAgents.co.nz


You can do it yourself!

If you can write an advertisement and add photos - you have all you need to advertise your property yourself and start attracting buyers. Buyers can contact you directly.


NoAgents.co.nz is completely FREE to use.

With the technology we have available today - you don't need to pay thousands for a real estate agent to sell your home or even hundreds of dollars for a TradeMe ad.

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